MSI Qatar Health Team is hiring a Clinical Supervisor BCBA for a client in Bahrain

Role: Clinical Supervisor BCBA

Location: Bahrain


The candidates must meet the following skills:

Education: Masters or Higher Certification: BCBA Experience: Have at least 5 years experience working with children with autism ages birth to 21 and supervising at least 10 clinicians; 3 years of administrative experience preferred. Skill Based Requirements:

  1. Expertise in ABA/VB. Expertise in implementing ABA/VB programs for children with autism, with the ability to see the big picture and program appropriately, train direct care staff to implement the programs and share with parents the future direction and progress clients have made.
  2. Expertise in Verbal Behavior. Ideally would have at least 3 years experience in supervising high Quality Verbal Behavior programs and adopting them to individual programs.
  3. Able to effectively Train Staff. Experience in classroom and direct training of direct care staff. Ability to train upcoming supervisors, shaping their behaviors and increasing their skills both with the programs, with parents and with other staff members.
  4. BCBA Supervision: Have experience in effectively providing supervision for employees who are seeking to achieve certification as a Behavior Analyst.

Job profile:

Supervise a team of ABA therapists, implementing quality ABA/VB based services in both a center based clinical setting as well as in the community for clients ages 2-18. In this position, the Clinical Supervisor will be responsible to supervise all of the direct 1:1 therapists implementing the programs. In addition, performing assessments and intakes as well as supporting the various activities, projects, and programs requiring knowledge in behavior analysis including developing trainings.

How to apply for the job?

  • Applicants must mention the current salary, expected salary and availability
  • Applicants must send Cvs to  with the subject “Clinical Supervisor BCBA-Bahrain”.Image

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