Recruitment – experience of my collegue from India- what do you think?

imagesCAE86A2GIt’s been more than 15 years since I am working a regular employee in Information Technology.

Now I have set my mind to stay and continue working in the company I am currently employed until I turn 50. I took this decision as I am done with giving interviews and going through recruitment processes, above all I getting paid very well and can easily keep myself and family happy forever.

I have planned the future of my kids; my retirement and the world tour that me and wife will go on on our 25th Anniversary.

I would like to share some of my experiences about interviews that I gave, walk-ins that I went through and lead hunting when I became pretty mature in the industry. It will certainly help you prepare yourself for your next interview or maybe you will at least remember the things that happened to me and take your next step keeping them in your mind.

When I was a starter, I would rather say a struggler because that year was badly hit by recession and I was the unlucky one to get my bachelor degree in that same year. 

Job portals were sending fake emails and all the references raised their hands as they couldn’t do anything to help me get a job.

One day, I got a call from a small firm, interview date was confirmed and I signed up. 10:30 A.M, I was called by name and a token number that was allotted to each applicant uniquely. There were six people sitting on chair behind a big wooden table and I was offered to sit on a cozy chair. Questions were showered on me one by one without even giving me a chance to complete the answer. I perspired little bit but managed to stay cool and calm. I guess they liked it and later became mild and shifted their gears to 1 from 5.

I was noticing one guy sitting on the right corner who never spoke a single word but kept staring me like a vampire who hasn’t sucked a single drop of blood for ages. I actually did not bother much. I was given instructions to sit outside and wait for the result.

After 3 hours of waiting, a beautiful lady dressed in business suit comes to me and says handing over a paper to me, “Sorry, better luck next time, here is your feedback”. I hesitated and with my dry throat said, “what happened?”. She smiled and said you did really well technically but you cannot work under pressure as you get stressed easily.

My God, I was speechless, held my document folder and started walking outside to have a fag. I took 2 or 3 drags, relaxed myself and came to home. I did not understand on what parameters I was judged.

In next interview, by grace of God, I was selected and since then I have never looked back. Gradually I learnt that the person who was staring me in that interview from a distance was actually sitting in my mind, reading my thoughts and scanning me head to toe. This is called Psychology that snatched my first job from my hands even if I had everything what they needed.

Think positive, live well is the Mantra of my life. Hope you will also follow.


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