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                Hello, my name is Alicja and I am a clinical psychologist from Poland. Today I would like You to get interested in wonderful, alternative healing opportunity not only for stressed people. We know that life is hard and sometimes we should really get rid of this stressed factors.

Is it possible, when you have no time and no place, to calm down?

To be honest you don’t need any special features to chill out. I would like you to get interested in yoga as a treatment useful even in a hard disease like epilepsy.


What is Epilepsy ?

Epilepsy is a brain disorder ( sometimes called as a seizure disorder) in which the normal pattern of neuronal activity becomes disturbed, generates sensations like: convulsions, sensory disturbance, muscle spasm, and loss of consciousness.

During the seizure, neurons can fire as many as 500 times a second and normal rate of the brain activity is about 80 times a second.

Epilepsy affects people, all nations considerably decreases quality of life.

History of disease.

Epilepsy was described as one of the first brain disorders. It was mentioned about 3000 years ago in an ancient Babylon. The word epilepsy derived from Greek means “attack”.  People believed, that this disorder is caused by demons or gods.

Hipokrates found, that this is rather caused by brain disorder. It is not a mental illness  or retardation.

What is the main goal to treat epilepsy?

Of course is to decrease the number and severity of seizures. Many scientists were searching if yoga can help

to reduce epilepsy’s seizures. Yoga can heal.

Yoga was founded in India and it is the way of living and thinking. It can give a healthy mind and body. The meaning of this word is “controlling the mind”- from the Sanskrit word.

There are many ways of practicing yoga.  You can use :

  • breathing exercises ( it is called pranayama),
  • postures (asanas)
  • meditations (dhyana)

Yoga a is a lifeline. It can become a tool in reducing the seizures while strengthening the body and relieving pain, yoga can be a gift.


It is worth to know, that yoga can help people suffering from mental  and neurological disorders,

(for instance epilepsy)

It turns out that exercising  Ashan increases the level of  neurotransmitter- acid gamma /GABA/ in the brain, which is responsible for inhibition  other  neurotransmiters  provoking seizure of epilepsy.

Scientists observed, that people with different mental disorders, such as anxiety, depression

and neurological diseases, such as: epilepsy, have low  level of GABA.

They were treated by drugs in order to increase GABA concentration in the brain.

According to specialists from the department of medicine, of  University in Boston the level of this neurotransmitter increases after exercising yoga.

 It increased up by 27 %.  The brains of the control group, which at that time were engaged in reading, were without any changes in the concentration of the substance.

 The researchers believe that yoga can relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety disorders and epilepsy. And it doesn’t matter what kind of yoga is it. It is also an additional option of treatment for people, who don’t have any health improving, after taken the medications. To add more people can wish to use something more than drugs to feel better- they can start exercising Yoga. Is it worth?

According to many reports yoga can support the treatment and help to increase the quality of life.

According to Lungreen ( 2008) frequency seizure was less in yoga group compared to people with Acceptance Commitment therapy.

The amount of ACT was 10 and the Yoga  group was 8.

Yoga included pranayama ( controlled deep breathing),asanas ( physical postures),dhyana (meditation),yama (harmony with others) and harmony with yourself (niyama).


Panjwani (1996) noticed that people treated with yoga were seizure free 4 of 10 participant compare to none intervention group.

7 out of 10 participants  in the yoga group had more than 50% reduction in seizure duration.

The whole 32 individuals were with uncontrolled epilepsy and they were randomized into 3 groups by rolling a dice.

One group was treated with sahaja yoga, second  with mimicking sahaja yoga,the third without any intervention.

All group received anticonvulsants drugs.


So why not try exercising Yoga to feel better, to relax to be closer to yourself? If it is a possibility to increase the Quality of Life, why not to try. There should be more studies to assess additional option like yoga as an  added into therapy for treatment epilepsy .

 So we should wait but first of all remember ,

the  more  possibilities you can check to feel better, the higher possibility that you will find your way.

See You

Have a nice reading



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